4 Reasons Why Your Law Firm’s Website Needs a Blog

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If you run a law firm on the smaller size, blogging is probably something you haven’t considered necessary or haven’t even thought about.

But in reality, legal blogging can and should be an invaluable component in your firm’s digital marketing strategy.

From my conversations with 25 principals and barristers over LinkedIn in January, it seems that the number one hesitation towards running a blog is the required time investment, with cost and upkeep coming in a close second and third:

Poll of law firm principals asking if they have a blog, and if not, why not?
Almost 50% of the lawyers I asked cited “time” as the reason they don’t run a blog!

However, the power of a blog done correctly should be able to overcome any of these hesitations.

Having one on your website will enhance client perception of your authority in the legal sphere and provide you with new sources of referred clients that you never would have discovered otherwise.

Ultimately, there is not a single law firm that should not be running a blog in 2019 – and here are four reasons why:

1. A blog enhances your law firm’s authority and credibility

Most lawyers have websites that simply outline who they are and what they do.

The keyword here is “most”: If most lawyers are doing it, how are you different in the eyes of a potential client from any other lawyer they find with a Google search?  

With a blog, you can position yourself as an expert in your area of law.

One Immigration Firm that’s doing a great job of this at the moment is Immagine Immigration – their regularly updated blog shows that they know what they’re doing and establishes them as a credible source on the latest in immigration law (despite not technically being lawyers!).

Who is a potential client more likely to trust? Someone they can see demonstrating their expertise or someone that merely describes it?

2. A blog is great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gone are the days when anyone with an internet connection could get you to the top of Google with some metadata changes and 100 dodgy backlinks.

Google has got smarter, so if you want to maintain your place in Google’s hierarchy, you’ve got to be smarter too.

If you’re up to date with your SEO knowledge, you’ll know that the key to success now is having rich, relevant, and fresh content on your website.

A well-done blog ticks all of these boxes.

3. A blog gives your social media a purpose

Frequently, I will encounter a law firm with a link to their Facebook page displayed prominently on their website (often to the detriment of user-experience).

Of course, when you click on the link, you get taken to a Facebook page that hasn’t been used properly or updated in years – it makes you wonder why they even have one.

With a blog, you will have real, relevant, and up-to-date content to share across your social media networks – no more silent accounts.

Beyond this, being able to share your blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and your other social media accounts of choice will act as an additional way to drive traffic to your website.

4. A blog humanizes you

Most lawyer’s websites describe themselves in a very professional and matter of fact manner, and this is usually the correct way to go about things for “main content”.

However, it also creates a distance and disconnect between your clients and yourself.

A blog gives you an outlet to show clients a more personal side – and if they like your personality, they’re much more likely to engage your services.


At first, running a legal blog can seem like a daunting and unnecessary task. However, in 2019, it really is something that any and every law firm should be doing.

Once you get it up and running, the time investment won’t be as great as you’d expect, and the financial investment will be a lot less than something like Google Ads.

The fact that your main competitor isn’t doing it is not a reason why you don’t need one, it’s a reason why you do need one – to set yourself apart from the crowd, to get your website prioritized by Google, and to establish yourself as an authority in your areas of practice.

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