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Decrease Your Marketing Costs and Increase Your Marketing Results with Our Expertly Managed Pay Per Click (PPC) Services.

Google Ads Management for Lawyers Marketing Certificate

High-Quality PPC Leads for Your Law Firm

Hi, we’re Momentum Chambers, we manage Google Ads accounts for lawyers and their firms, providing them with highly qualified potential clients searching for the exact legal services they offer in a cost-effective way.

Our average cost-per-conversion (cost per relevant inquiry your firm receives) is $45.00. This is far below the industry average.

How can we achieve this? Legal marketing is all we do; we know what works and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Unlike search engine optimization, Google Ads does not take weeks, months, or years to start working. We can start bringing your firm targeted (i.e. you can choose the exact legal services you want to advertise) inquiries tomorrow by getting your firm in front of clients looking for your services today.

We are so confident in our abilities to bring your practice these amazing results that we are the only Legal Marketing Agency that offers this simple guarantee:

If our Google Ads Management Services don't provide a positive Return on Investment within 30 days, we will give you a 100% Management Fee Refund.

Want to hear that in legalese? Get in touch.

Why to Choose Us to Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns

Decreased Costs,
Increased Conversions

We constantly track all campaigns’ impressions, clicks, and conversions and we use hyper-targeting to ensure you directly reach potential clients with the highest search results instead of receiving wasteful and irrelevant traffic.

Fixed-Rate Pricing,
No Conflicts of Interest

Unlike other agencies, we use simple fixed-rate pricing rather than taking a percentage of total ad spend. This means our only incentive is to do an amazing job for your firm – not to make you spend more money.

We Know the Industry,
And We Want to Know You

Because all of our clients are in the legal industry, we know the systems and strategies that work for law firms. We’re never picking up an understanding of your practice on the job – because we’ve worked with another firm, in another town, just like yours.

Management Service Features

We don’t do half measures: Because of our money back guarantee, it is incredibly important to us that your firm’s ad campaigns are optimized from top to bottom.

This means our management services are deeper, broader, and more comprehensive than those of our competitors – we strategize and build around the entire “journey” that potential clients take before contacting your firm. From the moment they think “I need an [area of practice] lawyer”, right up until they are speaking on the phone with one of your solicitors.

Here’s what you can expect:

Account and Campaigns Set Up

  • Initial Consultation: We speak with you directly (and meet with you in person if you’re local) to get an in-depth understanding of your practice’s positioning in the industry and your goals for the ad campaigns.
  • Landing-Page Analysis: We analyze your landing pages to ensure their appropriateness and consistency with your campaigns. We offer landing-page design and conversion optimization services if we believe it necessary for the campaigns to be effective.
  • Campaign Creation: We create your search ad campaigns (or adapt your existing ones), targeting the areas of law of your choice. We also set up geographic targeting, bid strategy, and ad scheduling to ensure you are at the top of the search results for your targeted keywords.
  • Ad Creation and Ad Copy: We create and write your ads, ensuring they comply with Google’s best practices and align with your campaign strategy and goals.
  • Keyword Research: We perform keyword research and consult with you on the best choices for your campaigns. We use narrow and specific keywords so you don’t waste money on irrelevant traffic.
  • Tracking: We set up call tracking, conversion tracking, and Google Analytics to ensure that your investment in Google Ads can be directly linked to its results.
  • Additional: We set up and configure all other features and options that will improve results for the campaigns of your firm (such as negative keywords, ad extensions, phone number call extensions, and more).

Month to Month Management

  • Reports: We provide comprehensive monthly reports outlining work done on your campaigns and the results achieved.
  • Analysis: We provide analysis and breakdowns of the performance of your campaigns with ideas for growth and improvement.
  • Optimization: We proactively and regularly make adjustments and optimize your campaigns to ensure your conversion rates continuously improve.
  • House-Keeping: We add negative keywords and remove under-performing ads to ensure your money is not wasted and to ensure leads are as specific and relevant to your firm as possible.
  • Updates: We keep on top of the latest changes to Google Ads policies and new features to keep your campaigns in the best state possible at all times.

Google Ads Management Pricing Structure

The prices we charge for our Management Service are simple:

One-Time Set Up Fee: $650.00
Monthly Management Fee: $320.00

Is that it? Generally, yes, that’s it.
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