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Momentum Chambers

Momentum Chambers Limited is a full-service law firm marketing agency that helps build steady streams of quality clients for businesses in the legal industry. We do this in two main ways:

  1. By providing bespoke marketing, design, and strategy services to lawyers and their firms. (See Our Services).
  1. By sharing guides, tools, advice, and resources to empower small/medium sized firms to market, modernize, and grow. (See Our Blog).

Ultimately, we want to help you with our expertise, so that you can help clients with your expertise, and we want to do that in an open, transparent, and accessible way.

We don’t think that smaller firms should be priced out of the industry by big names with millions of dollars to spend on marketing, and we know that it doesn’t cost millions of dollars for a firm to grow, develop, and compete.

James Peacock, Owner

Hi, I’m James Peacock.

I’ve studied law (LLB/BCom) but I’m not a lawyer – I’m a digital marketing consultant and website designer that now works exclusively with law firms to transform their online presences and build their practices. I also run a mobility website.

I originally started working in this field to help small business owners get themselves online but over time I discovered that there’s one industry I love, know well, and have repeatedly got great results for: Law. And so, Momentum Chambers was born.

James Peacock, Law Firm Marketing Specialist
Google Ads Management for Lawyers Marketing Certificate
Wordpress CMS Expert Certificate

Everything Momentum Chambers does is done with one thing in mind: Bringing your firm more qualified, high-quality, clients. Whether you’re an LLC, a Barrister in Sole Practice, or a Partnership, years of marketing work in the legal industry has given me a knack for pinpointing what makes you stand out and working to leverage that into reliable, increased revenue.

If you choose to work with Momentum Chambers, you will work with me. In practice, that means that I take personal responsibility for all the work we do, and I liaise directly and exclusively with all our clients.

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